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Nathan Yan

email: thedailynathan at google mail's domain
phone: see pdf


Westmoor High School, Daly City, CA | Graduate 2006

University of California - Berkeley, Berkeley, CA | Graduate 2010
B.S. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS)

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer | Aug 2014 - Jul 2016
LinkedIn, Mountain View, CA
Developer for Homepage and Feed teams, including a full-stack rewrite of Desktop Homepage and rewrite of Feed API layer serving LinkedIn's mobile app clients.

Key areas I've worked on:
* API Endpoint and Data Modeling
* Activity Rendering
* Comments and Likes
* Frontend Web UI

Creator | Feb 2014 - Present
* Developed fantasy game hosting platform (e.g. fantasy baseball, but open-ended schema)
* Tracking for players, rosters, with category- and time-segmented scoring events
* Live draft interface, user comments and scoring submissions, Google SSO
* Community Admin for Game of Thrones fantasy game
* Hosted ~3000 users for GoT 2017 season

Software Engineer | Jun 2010 - Aug 2014
Live Gamer, Palo Alto, CA
Develop platform and customer integrations for managing virtual economies and handling purchases of virtual goods in microtransaction-based online games.

Key areas I've worked on:
* Payment Widgets and Storefronts (end-user facing)
* Search Engine
* Entitlement System
* Payment Gateway Integrations
* Transaction Reports
* Callback Mechanism
* HMAC Authentication
* Subscriptions

Product Development Intern | Jun 2009 - Aug 2009
Advent Software, San Francisco, CA
Designed, developed and managed Sharepoint Wiki document management system for QA team

Photo Editor | May 2008 - Aug 2008
The Daily Californian, Berkeley, CA
Overseeing photo department staff, managing photo assignments, choosing, processing images for the paper

Web Developer, Product Photographer | Feb 2008 - Nov -0001
Good Work Systems, Berkeley, CA
Upkeeping, designing website at
Product photography of mouse and gaming peripheral products

Writer | Oct 2007 - Nov -0001, Los Altos, CA
Writing articles on buyer's guide website aimed at digital camera consumers. Have written over 50 articles (~1/3 website content)

Photography Instructor | Aug 2007 - May 2010
University of California - Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Created, teaching Digital Photography course (EECS198); instruction on photographic science, camera operation, and general photographic skills. (480 students thru 6 semesters)

Technical Intern | May 2007 - Aug 2007
Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA
Technical intern with signals processing & conversion (SP&C) design team - performing lab tests/measurements, schematic capture/design, perl scripting

Staff Photographer, Processor | Sep 2006 - May 2010
The Daily Californian, Berkeley, CA
Photographer covering news, sports, and features assignments.
Image processor correcting, adjusting images (Photoshop) for publication.

Camp Counselor/Digital Media Instructor | Jun 2006 - Aug 2006
Cybercamps, Berkeley, CA
Served as counselor for summer computer camp, and digital media instructor teaching Web Design, Flash, and Digital Photography & Graphics (~30 students/week)

Relevant Courses

CS160: User Interface Design
CS184: Computer Graphics
CS186: Database Systems (PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails)
CS188: Artificial Intelligence
CS198: Networked Computing
CS61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
CS61BL: Data Structures and Algorithms (Java)
CS61CL: C, MIPS, Machine structures
EE105: Microelectronics II
EE119: Optical Engineering
EE20N: Signals and systems
EE40: Microelectronic circuits
EE98/198: Technology of Digital Camera Systems (teaching)
Info 190: Web Architecture and Information Management
Info 213: User Interface Design and Development
Info 214: User Experience Research
Info 242: XML Foundations
Info 247: Information Visualization
Info 262: Tangible User Interfaces
Math 53: Multivariable calculus
Math 54: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Physics 7A: Mechanics and wave motion
Physics 7B: Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism
Physics 7C: Light, Relativity, Quantum mechanics

Relevant Skills

Integrated Circuit (IC) design experience
-Experience working in labs testing IC - psrr, diff. gain/phase, Xtalk tests, etc...
-Experience with lab testing equipment - multimeter, oscilloscope, waveform generator, spectrum/network analyzer, Tektronix VM700 video measurement set
-Experience with Schematic Design/Capture (Viewlogic Viewdraw)
-Experience programming Arduino microcontrollers (C-based)

Experience in standard computer applications
-Standard Microsoft Office suite
-Adobe Photoshop, Camera RAW image editing
-Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign layout
-Macromedia Dreamweaver
-Informal troubleshooting, repair experience

Programming experience
-Experience with Python, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Perl

Web development experience
-Experience with XML, (x)HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL
-Most experience with PHP-driven, MySQL-backed websites (LAMP stack)
-Experience with CakePHP framework
-Experience installing, managing image gallery, discussion board, and wiki software packages
-Extensive experience installing and modifying Menalto Gallery, PunBB, and MediaWiki
- (former high school website, since modified)
- (personal website)
- (website for EECS198 photography class)
- (Good Work Systems gaming peripherals website)
- ( software support site)
- (Online stats-tracking for campus "Assassins" game)
- (list of projects)

Photography expertise
-Photojournalist since 2006 for The Daily Californian, covering UC campus and city of Berkeley
-Extensive experience with theater and portrait
-Some wedding experience
-Extensive expertise with both Canon and Nikon camera systems, and extensive experience with other Pentax, KM/Sony, Olympus systems
-Own and use variety of Canon equipment (mostly 5D Mark II, 12-24, 24-70, 70-200 2.8 IS, 50 1.4, 90 macro, 430EX, Cactus v4 radio triggers)
-Currently teach a college-level photography class at UC Berkeley (~130 students per semester)

Digital Imaging experience
-Extensive experience using Adobe Photoshop, Camera RAW, Digital Photo Pro, and NeatImage, as well as Cumulus/MediaDex and Adobe Bridge image library management
-Video-editing experience using Adobe Premiere Pro
-Expertise with exposure adjustment, color balancing, and processing workflow
-Image processor since 2006 for the Daily Californian, processing images for both print and web
-Teach digital image editing at UC Berkeley (~130 students per semester)

Journalism experience
-Founder, Editor-in-chief high school newspaper 2003-2006:
-Op-ed articles published in San Francisco Chronicle, essay book Writing Logically, Thinking Critically
-SF Chronicle's Embedded Reader representative at national Associated Press Managing Editor's (APME) conference in San Jose, October 2005
-Experienced in copyediting, layout design (Adobe PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher)

Education experience
-Extensive experience tutoring, teaching students from K-12 in general studies and especially in digital media
-Developed and currently teaching EE198 Digital Photography course at UC Berkeley (~130 students per semester)
-Assisted in CS39K freshmen seminar and Architecture 198 Photojournalism courses at UC Berkeley
-Led training programs for photographer and image processor staff at The Daily Californian

Unit testing experience
-Experience using PHPUnit, HTMLUnit, JUnit frameworks
-Experience utilizing code coverage tools